Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Castle Has Left the Building (Recap Season 4 Episode 8, Heartbreak Hotel)

The victim: Sam Siegel, co-owner of The Sapphire Coast Resort and Casino. He is found at an abandoned warehouse with bullet wounds and a bloody lip.
Suspect list:
Rebecca Siegel, Sam's ex-wife ... Neighbors reported that they had an argument at her apartment the night before he turned up dead.
She says he came over and told her that he needed her to sign over a property that still had both their names on it. He offered her 1.5 million dollars, substantially more than the property was worth. She refused to sign without her lawyer being present and they argued, after which he left and she remained home for the rest of the evening.
Ralph Marino, Sam's Driver ... He and Sam had a scuffle a few weeks prior at a bar when Sam made sexual advances towards Ralph's girlfriend.
Ralph says that he and Sam did have a confrontation but things had been smoothed over. He drove Sam to the warehouse but left him there after Sam gave him $500 dollars and told him to go.
Charlie Turner, Sam's business partner ... It is discovered that Sam transferred over 10 million dollars from one of the casino's accounts to an offshore account in the Caymans. This cleaned the account out. Charlie is suspected of finding out Sam was embezzling and taking matters into his own hands to fix the problem.
Charlie was in the casino all day and the security camera's prove this, so he is ruled out as a direct suspect.
Nadine Espinosa, one of the casino's hotel attendants and Daniel (last name?), a security technician at the casino ... the facts point to it having been Nadine who transferred the money from the casino's account to the offshore one. She made phone calls to Daniel right before and after the money was transferred.
Nadine actually gets kidnapped by people in a black SUV and Daniel explains that he and Nadine were seeing each other. They had moved the money but were only using it as leverage against Sam Siegel. Sam had the hots for Nadine and didn't want to take No for an answer. When she was going to leave her job Sam bought the apartment building in New York that her parents lived in and threatened to evict them. Daniel and Nadine had planned on giving the money back to Sam after he turned over the deed to the building. Nadine is released unharmed later.
Tommy Moretti, a mobster that Charlie and Sam borrowed money from to keep the casino operating.
Tommy says he did meet with Sam, but had given him more time to get the money back because Sam showed him the deed that his ex-wife had signed, releasing the property.
So now we are back to square one, Rebecca Siegel. Rebecca says that Sam threatened to kill her if she did not sign the papers he wanted her to sign. After she signed them she overheard the call he took that told him to come to the warehouse. She knew this was her golden opportunity and after Sam left she also went to the warehouse. She killed him with the .38 he had given her for one of their anniversaries. She then took the signed paper off his body and took it home with her. She says that Sam was an abusive man and even divorcing him didn't mean that he was out of her life. This was the only way she could be free for good.
Other noteworthy things about this episode:
It turns out that Ryan got roped into having one of his wife's relatives as his best man instead of his true BFF Esposito. Esposito is understandably upset about this but Castle has a solution. Since Castle, Esposito and Ryan have to go to Atlantic City anyway for this pesky murder thing, Castle suggests that they have an IBPWOC. That would be an Impromptu Bachelor Party While On Case for all of us not in the know.
This never actually happens and instead they wind up getting kicked out of the casino and having to dress up as Elvises so they can blend with all the other "Kings" who are there for a convention. Although it probably would've been cheesy it may have been fun to see one of them have to do an Elvis impression. As it were, Castle pulled off an Elvis lip sneer but that's about it. One of them may have quipped a "Thank you, thank you very much."
They finally do get to have their bachelor party after the case is resolved but we are not invited.
Castle encourages Alexis to have a girls night in to help her with the post break-up blues of kicking Ashley's ass to the curb. Through the magic of social networking their apartment becomes party central until Alexis finally has enough and kicks everybody out.
She runs around like a mad woman straightening, gluing, tossing, cleaning things that were jostled, broken, trashed, and dirtied. When Castle comes slinking in the next morning, hung over from the bachelor party, he does notice that something is missing but Alexis thinks quickly and says that her grandmother needed it as a prop. Castle buys this.
Beckett did not spend much time with the boys this week. Captain Gates kept her in NY to work on the case there while the three musketeers went to Atlantic City. She made comments to Beckett along the lines that Castle is a distraction and since he is not a real detective he is allowed to just throw any old idea out and see what sticks. But by the end of the episode, although Gates still hasn't quite warmed up to Castle, she does compliment Beckett by telling her she's a good cop.
This was not a bad episode, but probably not one of my favorites of the season so far.

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