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Recap: Castle Season 4 Episode 1, "Rise"

The episode begins with the snippets from last season to remind us why we are tuning in again this time around. Kate Beckett says that they are going to make sure the late Captain Roy Montgomery keeps his good name. Then at Montgomery's funeral she is shot, prompting Richard Castle to finally confess his love for her.

They rush Kate to the hospital and on the way her heart stops. They get her into an operating room where Dr Josh Davidson is the attending physician. After he recognizes who the person in front of him is, he calls for another doctor and tells the rest of the people in the OR that she is his girlfriend.

The scenes go back and forth from the hospital team working on Kate to the reactions of Castle, Esposito, Ryan, Martha, Alexis, Lanie and Kate's father in the hallway. It is done in such a way that it really amps up the tension of the moment.

Josh starts to operate on Kate because she is bleeding and they are going to lose her. After a short while another doctor comes in and convinces Josh to let him take over and he leaves the room.

In the hallway he confronts Castle and accuses him of being the cause of Montgomery's death and the reason that Kate has been injured.

Castle later tells his mother that he does feel like it was his fault and admits to her that he told Kate that he loved her.

Back in the OR they cannot get Kate's heart restarted.

A doctor comes out to talk to Mr. Beckett. He informs him that although Kate's heart stopped during surgery they were able to get it to resume. He advises she will need close observation, but her dad can see her after the nurses have her settled. He tells the rest of the group they should go home.

Espisito and Ryan vow they are going to catch the person who did this.

At the precinct Castle, Espisito and Ryan are discussing what they have so far, which isn't much. They think that the sniper was possibly posing as a groundskeeper during the funeral.

In another scene an unidentified man takes an envelope out of box that has Roy Montgomery's name on it.

Castle gets a telephone call that says he can come see Kate in the hospital now. He arrives with flowers and hesitates nervously outside her door for a moment.

As they talk Kate tells him she doesn't remember being shot, she only remembers standing at the podium and then everything went black. Castle looks disappointed but doesn't bring up what he told her. Kate says she's tired and tells Castle she needs some time. She says she will call him.

The unknown man unpacks the envelope he received and spreads the contents out on his desk. It has pictures of Kate's mom, police reports, mug shots, the newspaper article about Kate's shooting and a picture of Castle. The man makes a phone call to the United States Capital and asks to speak to the Congressional Offices.

Kate goes back to work a week early and finds out that there has been no new leads on her shooter. Ryan and Espisito are surprised when they learn that she hasn't talked to Castle in three months. They let her know that Castle was there every day with them working on the case until the new Captain, Victoria Gates aka Iron Gates, kicked him out.

Castle did think that he found a possible clue on what could be a money trail except that the bank had closed and the new Captain shut down their investigation before they could get anywhere with it.

Beckett goes to talk to the new Captain who insists on either being called Captain or Sir. Beckett cannot get her gun back until she requalifies with it. When Beckett questions the Captain about why she shut down the investigation she is told there were no leads, and also she wouldn't be able to investigate her own case anyway.

After leaving Captain Gates's office Beckett finds out from Ryan and Espisito that Castle has the files on the money trail. They say if Gates had found them an investigation would've been opened up on Montgomery.

Ryan gets a call and he and Espisito go to check out the murder of Sonya Gilbert, a famous socialite party girl. As Lanie looks over the body she tells them she hasn't talked to Beckett either. The girl's boyfriend, Dale Landers, appears to be the prime suspect.

Castle is at a book signing for his newest edition to the Nikki Heat saga, Heat Rises. As the sea of people pass in front of him he is surprised when he looks up to find Kate standing there with a book for him to sign.

Outside, Castle tells Beckett that he is angry with her, that he had to watch her die. He stops short of saying that he loves her and switches to "cares about" instead.

They sit down together and Beckett tells him about her break-up with Josh. She says since her Mom died she's built up a wall and until she puts that to rest she won't be able to have the kind of relationship she wants. Castle says he'll help her put things to rest, but he's still mad at her.

He says the money trail led nowhere and the warehouse the paperwork was stored in burned down accidentally. Kate questions how accidental the fire might have been and they decide to try to check it out.

Castle gets the mayor to call Gates and have him brought back into the precinct. Kate has also requalified and is able to get her weapon back.

Information that Espisito and Ryan have received makes it look like the warehouse burning was to destroy evidence. When Beckett and Castle are getting ready to leave to go talk to the man who wrote the report, Gates comes out and says the socialites boyfriend has been spotted going to band rehearsal. She dispatches Beckett, Espisito and Ryan to the scene. (Castle goes too, of course.)

The cops and writer burst into the building and the boyfriend takes off running. Beckett follows him, but when she corners him he draws on her. She stiffens in fear and is unable to move until Ryan and Espisito come in and disarm him.

Ryan and Espisito interrogate Landers who admits that he woke up with blood everywhere and a gun in his hand, but maintains that he didn't do it.

Beckett and Castle go to talk to Fire Chief (?) Rod Halstead about the report he wrote on the warehouse fire. He affirms that the fire was an accident. Kate keeps needling him and accuses him of falsifying the report. He tells them to leave.

Later Beckett and Castle are looking over a collection of information they have about Halstead but everything they find makes him seem clean and honorable. Beckett is desperate at this point because if the warehouse fire was truly an accident she has no starting point.

After Beckett leaves, Alexis comes in and she is a bit perturbed that Castle missed dinner because he was working with Kate. She leaves and Castle gets a call from the unidentified man who says he is a friend of Roy Montgomery's. He says he needs to talk to Castle.

Castle tells his mother about the conversation with "Roy Montgomery's friend". The files Montgomery sent him was information implicating high profile figures that Montgomery had been using for years to keep his family safe. Beckett was also supposed to be included in the safety circle, but she had gotten shot before the files made it to the mystery man. He told Castle that Beckett will be safe now as long as she doesn't keep digging into the old case.

Castle knows he can't just tell Beckett what he knows so he has a conversation with her trying to get her to back off of the case a little. He says they will find their answers and get their justice, it just won't be today.

Some new evidence in the Sonya Gilbert case shows that she and her boyfriend were both drugged. The team thinks that the killer must've been in the apartment before and after the murder, all the way up until the body was removed. They confirm this by going to the crime scene and finding that the carpet under the bed is mostly free from blood stains when the mattress above it is saturated. They find fingerprints on the bed frame.

The print they find belongs to one of Dale Lander's band mates, Mitch Yancey. The gang goes back to the building that the band rehearses in. Mitch comes in and pulls a gun on Kate, but this time she doesn't back down. As Castle encourages her from behind she steadfastly keeps her gun trained on Mitch until he lowers his weapon. Then she arrests him.

It turns out that Mitch was seeing Sonya secretly and Sonya decided to break things off with Mitch to stay with Dale. Mitch decided to kill both of them.

Later Castle assures Beckett that the wall she has built up inside won't be there forever.

At home he and Alexis talk and Alexis appears to be satisfied that her Dad is happy to be interacting with Kate again.

We see Kate talking to the doctor who did her psych evaluation, where she admits that she actually does remember everything about the shooting.

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