Friday, September 30, 2011

Red Maroon Logo and Writer - Righter of Wrongs

We have two new graphics available based on the TV show Castle. 

The first one is from the episode Superheroes and Villians (Season 4 Episode 2).  It is the superhero Red Maroon's logo which was a red shield outlined in yellow with the letters RM (also in yellow) inside the shield.  Underneath the logo Red Maroon is written out.

Available on everything from tee shirts to flip flops to wall decor.

The other design has the names Kate Beckett and Rick Castle at the top.  Under Kate's name is a detective badge.  Under Castle's name is a pencil and a spiral notepad that has Heat Rises written on it.  Under the image of the shield it says Righter of wrongs.  Under the notepad it says Writer of wrongs.

See it on t-shirts, hoodies and more.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Recap: Castle Season 4 Episode 2, Superheroes and Villians

Original airdate: Monday, September 26, 2011

Episode 4x02 starts off with a young women running out of alley. A man grabs her and throws her to the ground. As he is descending on her and making threatening comments a deep voice comes from somewhere in the darkness of the alley telling him to leave her alone. A long blade slices through his wrist severing his hand from his body. In a grotesque version of shadow puppets, the man is finished off as the blade divides him from head to toe and his halves fall away from one another.

At the home of our ruggedly handsome writer, Rick Castle is making an omelet as his mother models a Desmonda costume that she is making for her Shakespeare class.. Alexis finishes up her phone call with her Stanford college boyfriend, Ashley. After she talks excitedly about going to Stanford in the spring, Castle has to blame his weepy eyes on the onion he was cutting.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recap: Castle Season 4 Episode 1, "Rise"

The episode begins with the snippets from last season to remind us why we are tuning in again this time around. Kate Beckett says that they are going to make sure the late Captain Roy Montgomery keeps his good name. Then at Montgomery's funeral she is shot, prompting Richard Castle to finally confess his love for her.

They rush Kate to the hospital and on the way her heart stops. They get her into an operating room where Dr Josh Davidson is the attending physician. After he recognizes who the person in front of him is, he calls for another doctor and tells the rest of the people in the OR that she is his girlfriend.

The scenes go back and forth from the hospital team working on Kate to the reactions of Castle, Esposito, Ryan, Martha, Alexis, Lanie and Kate's father in the hallway. It is done in such a way that it really amps up the tension of the moment.

Josh starts to operate on Kate because she is bleeding and they are going to lose her. After a short while another doctor comes in and convinces Josh to let him take over and he leaves the room.

In the hallway he confronts Castle and accuses him of being the cause of Montgomery's death and the reason that Kate has been injured.